Solar panels change sunlight into electricity

Electricity is converted to standardized power

Electricity is used by the home

Extra electricity is sent to power company



Large Tax Incentives

Home owners are eligible for tax credits when buying solar. The credits are based off of the cost of the solar panels. Utah offers a 25% tax credit caped at $2,000. The federal Government offers a 30% tax credit with no cap.



Increased Home Value

Installing solar can increase the value of you home. Expect an appraisal for your system around $3,000 per kW installed. If you are interested in moving in the future Ikonik can transport your system to your new home or the added value of the system will help your home sell faster and appraise for a higher value!



Fixed Cost of Electricity

The cost of electricity in Utah has increased by 92% from 1999-2014. That means your monthly power bill nearly doubles every 15 years. With solar, one can lock in there monthly electricity cost and save thousands of dollars.



Reliable Power

Most solar systems do not come with the ability to run when the power is out. You can always upgrade your system with a battery or generator. Talk to one of our consultants about planning for off grid capabilities in the future.


 Power Without Pollution

Your solar installation will help the environment in big ways.  The average install will save ..... over its life time.