What if there is a problem with my system?

Ikonik monitors their systems. If there is an issue, Ikonik will be notified immediately. Installation warranties and product warranties will take care of your system where applicable.

What is metering?

Net metering tracks the amount of power used from the power company against the amount of power generated for the power company. Power companies have policies on how solar systems work in conjunction with the Grid. When one has a solar system the power they produce is used in the home and the excess power is sent to the power company. The power from the grid can also be used when ones solar system is not meeting the demand of the home.

Will my power stay on if the grid goes down?

Most solar systems are designed to shut off when the grid goes down. This feature is regulated by the power company to provide safety and stability to the grid when being serviced. A solar system would have to be supplemented with battery backup or power generation in order to provide the home with power when grid is down.

What if I have to re-roof under my solar panels?

Solar panels can be moved to expose the roof. If you need to reroof under your solar system Ikonik offers roofing services were we can move your panels and reroof underneath.

Do I still pay money to the power company?

When using Net Metering you will still pay basic fees to the power company for utilizing the grid.

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