You may have heard that a "solar panel" is a "solar panel". That is simply incorrect. There are hundreds of manufactures each creating their own unique products. Every panel has different capabilities, different price tags, and different warranties. Installers will typically have a preferred solar panel they buy in bulk, for discounted pricing. Depending on the marketing strategies and the discounted prices the installer will develop a preference. Any solar panel can be considered "the best". Ikonik will help you to find what panel truly is best for your system. Feel free to let our design team know if you like the appearance of panel or prefer a certain brand.


Selecting the right solar panel is important but equally important is selecting the right inverter. The market is filled with different inverters; there are many methods for changing solar power (DC) into usable power for your home (AC). All the methods vary in cost and efficiency, as well as offer other features like battery capabilities or monitoring. Ikonik doesn't just offer one generic solution. All system designs will be built custom, utilizing the correct equipment.


Another thing you don't want to over look is the product securing the solar panels to your roof. Ikonik's engineers will design your system specific for your roof type and your system will be designed to withstand your local weather. Our systems provide, maximum support, with the least amount of punctures.

Back Up Power

Your budget and goals for you system will determine weather or not it includes back up power. We can help you find an inverter, battery, or generator that will provide the best solutions. Most Net metering systems do not offer off grid capabilities. However it is very common for our customers to add features to there system in phases. Ikonik will help you make goals to accomplish your plans.